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Does the track listing look correct?

NOTES: Live365, Icecast, Steamcast, SAM Broadcaster

How to perform a successful test of your streaming platform.

For most platforms * , your song history page must be a publicly accessible URL from which Air Platform will gather your song metadata.

Your song metadata must be formatted like the following:

artist - track title - album

The album metadata is optional, though you will have greater success finding the appropriate album artwork if provided.

#Icecast Broadcasters:

Important regarding tests:

When testing Icecast, if you do not have success testing your known platform version, try the others as well. You may have success with one of those. Icecast developers seem to update the status.xsl and status-json.xsl files regularly for some reason. Icecast continues to be one of the greater challenges when collecting metadata.

#Steamcast Broadcasters:

1. Browse to your stream listing homepage and click the desired stream to see the stats page.

Steamcast setup step 1

2. Click on the Played tab then check the address bar for the Station ID.

Steamcast setup step 2

3. In the form above, choose Steamcast, type in your stream Server URL, Server Port, Station ID, and click Begin Test.

Steamcast setup step 3

#SAM Broadcasters:

Follow the guide below:

SAM Broadcaster steps for setup with Air Platform

Continue below:

SAM Broadcaster steps for setup with Air Platform

#Live365* Broadcasters:

While Live365 metadata extraction is in beta testing at this time, it is only necessary to provide your stations Server URL, Server Port (80 is the default port), and Mount Point. It is not necessary to have a publicly accessible song history page. See below ...

First select Live365 as your Streaming Platform in the form above.

Copy and paste this link into your browser, first.

Then, copy and paste the Live365 streaming URL specific to your station into your browser. It will look similar to the one above.

This is the information you need to input into the form embedded above.

Place the Server URL (inside the red lines above) into the appropriate input above. If your Live365 streaming URL contains a port that is formatted like this :12345, input the number only into the Server Port input above. The final piece of information needed is the Mount Point found outside the red line on the right in the image above. It is formatted like this /abc123 or similar. Copy and paste it into the appropriate input in the form above.

You are now ready to test your metadata.

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